IT & Security Operations Teams Must Be Ready For 2021 And Beyond


Christopher R. Wilder

Due to COVID-19, 2020 will be widely regarded as the year that work moved home. In reality, it was the year work moved to the cloud and everywhere in between. As a result, endpoint management and endpoint security are now the cornerstones of effective protection and the foundation for the next generation of security.

As the world moves beyond the pandemic, some people will return to the office and begin traveling again. Our research at Moor Insights & Strategy reveals that over 80% of companies will offer more flexible workplaces post-pandemic and over 70% of employees will take advantage of that flexibility. Thus, it appears 2021 will be the year of the hybrid workforce—effective cybersecurity will require a combination of technology, processes and people.

Security is at a significant inflection point and organizations must adapt to protect people, places and things. Enterprises should...

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