IT's New Security Challenge In A Post-Pandemic World


Greg Murphy

Looking to the inevitable day when the pandemic is under control, the world must prepare to resume work under whatever conditions constitute the new normal — and to ensure we learn from the lessons of this crisis. It is up to all of us to shape that new paradigm. And so, beyond the immediate concern of saving lives and monitoring the spread of COVID-19, we need to consider the security implications of that new normal — for the healthcare industry, first and foremost — in a post-pandemic world.

By necessity, healthcare organizations have been thrust into a time of unprecedented transformation. The rapid-response establishment of field hospitals, and the mobilization of sophisticated IP-enabled medical equipment, in areas hard hit by disease are testaments to modern logistics and to the selfless dedication of healthcare workers.

Alongside those first responders providing front-line treatment to victims, there are legions of highly skilled IT professionals establishing the infrastructure and connectivity necessary to make it all work. This crisis has made healthcare organizations the unfortunate test case for IT’s tomorrow, where...

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