IOT and Medical Device Cybersecurity: Standards Coming

MSSP Alert

D. Howard Kass

A consortium of digital identity players is tackling cybersecurity for medical devices by crafting a set of industry standards and guidance to ensure manufacturers build trusted, secure and interoperable products.

SAFE Identity, a Reston, Virginia-based association that serves as a third-party certification body, said it has established a special Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) working group to standardize requirements for certification based on industry best practices for device identity and assurance. Membership so far is composed of digital identity experts Carillon, DigiCert, IdenTrust, PrimeKey and Trans Sped.

IoT and Medical Devices: Massive Cyber Target
To help make its point, SAFE pointed to an earlier study by IoT security company Zingbox (part of Palo Alto Networks) that determined there are 10 million to 15 million medical devices in U.S. hospitals with an average of 10 to 15 connected instruments per patient bed.

The research also found that more than 80 percent of healthcare organizations had been...

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