How will the cybersecurity landscape change in 2021?

Silicon Republic

Jenny Darmody

BT’s Dónal Munnelly believes 2021 could mark the end of the ‘castle walls’ approach when it comes to cybersecurity strategies.

The infosec world evolves every year. Security defences become more advanced all the time, but hackers are also finding more sophisticated ways to circumvent them.

However, nothing could have prepared the world for the sudden shift that occurred in the first quarter of this year, which sent much of the global workforce home and left infosec professionals scrambling to ensure that business infrastructures remained secure.

So, with all that 2020 has brought, what is changing about the world of cybersecurity as we move towards the new year?

Speaking to, BT Ireland’s security product marketing manager, Dónal Munnelly, identified the...

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