How to get hospital staff to take cybersecurity initiatives seriously: 2 CISOs weigh in

Becker's Health IT

Hannah Mitchell

Cybersecurity experts know that cyberattacks against hospitals have erupted since the start of the pandemic. In March alone, more than 1 million patients' protected health information was breached.

The cost of these cyberattacks manifests in different ways. In 2020, data breaches cost healthcare organizations $13.2 billion in lost revenue, increased spending on advertising, paying ransoms and more.

Even though cybersecurity is a top priority for security experts, some employees may not be aware of the seriousness of the cybersecurity climate and may be practicing poor security habits.

Kate Pierce, CIO and chief information security officer of Newport, Vt.-based North Country Hospital, educates her staff by utilizing the FBI's free cybersecurity training for hospital employees.

"When cybersecurity information comes...

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