How to Protect Medical Devices from Ransomware

Security Boulevard

Doug Folsom

Cyberattacks on hospitals are rising, and patients are worried. Is my personal data at risk? Could ransomware or hackers effectively shut down the ER near me?

Consider these findings from a March 2021 report by cybersecurity provider Morphisec:

About one in five Americans said their health care was affected by cyberattacks last year.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers said they are more worried this year than last year about ransomware taking their health care provider offline and affecting their care.
Nearly a third said if their health care provider were attacked and their health care record were breached, they would switch providers.
Cybersecurity technology can help protect against threats that target laptops, desktops and the like, but what’s protecting a hospital’s medical devices, which are increasingly connected to a health system’s network? Some medical devices are...

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