How to Minimize Risk Amid Rise in Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Organizations

Health Tech Magazine

Nathan Eddy

Ransomware continues to impact the healthcare industry in the U.S., with organizations paying out more than ever before. Though the overall average ransom payment amount for 2020 was $794,620 — up from the 2019 average of $303,539 — the average ransom paid by healthcare organizations last year was $910,335. That’s more than the average across all industries, according to a report from BakerHostetler.

In 2020, the healthcare industry was the target of 20 percent of data security incidents identified by the report.

One of the most significant incidents in the sector last year was an attack on a Fortune 500 healthcare services company based in Pennsylvania, which impacted more than 400 hospitals and care facilities. The fallout from the incident wreaked havoc on ambulance routes, delayed patient treatment scheduling, rendered lab tests inaccessible and compromised electronic health records for the company’s facilities across the country. Recent attacks on the Irish national health service and a nonprofit health system based in San Diego also stand out due to their scale and impact on clinical care.

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