How provider orgs need to respond to 2021's cybersecurity threats

Healthcare IT News

Bill Siwicki

The COVID-19 pandemic created a vastly different working paradigm in healthcare, with huge numbers of employees moving from the office environment to working from home.

This, in turn, opened up all sorts of new avenues for hackers to launch attacks against provider organizations and their vital health information and systems. At the same time, the sophistication of cyberattacks was continuing to increase.

Healthcare IT News interviewed Christophe Doré, cybersecurity manager at Capsule Technologies, a vendor of medical data technologies for healthcare organizations. He described the state of cybersecurity in healthcare during the pandemic, and what provider organizations should expect this year.

Q: Why, since the onset of the pandemic, has cyber criminality increased along with the sophistication of cyberattacks?

A: Hospitals transformed overnight...

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