How healthcare organizations can enhance RPM security, resiliency

Healthcare IT News

Kat Jercich

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to push patients away from in-person care, many health systems have ramped up their remote patient monitoring ecosystems.

But with that increase in endpoints comes an increase in security risks.

"From a security perspective, we always model a personal home network as a hostile network," said Stephanie Domas, executive vice president of the MedSec cybersecurity service. "I have to build it that way because I have no control over that network."

Teaching an organization's staff members not to click on suspicious links doesn't help, she said, when a medical device is connecting to an individual's network outside the system.

"Are you going to make your patient take phishing training?" Domas said with a laugh.

MedSec was one of several companies to contribute to a 300-page guide from the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and the National Institute for Standards and Technology about securing remote patient monitoring ecosystems.

The report...

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