How healthcare cloud tools can help with HIPAA/HITECH compliance

Healthcare IT News

Bill Siwicki

Robert LaMagna-Reiter, vice president and chief information security officer at First National Technology Solutions, better known as FNTS, says healthcare organizations increasingly are using industry-specific clouds to work on compliance issues, such as those surrounding HIPAA and HITECH.

To meet these organizations' needs, FNTS recently launched FNTS Healthcare Cloud and also held some focus groups on the topic. As such, LaMagna-Reiter is filled with new and expert learnings on the subject.

Healthcare IT News interviewed LaMagna-Reiter to get him to share detailed expertise on industry-specific clouds, cybersecurity and, on a related note, recent changes to the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law.

Q: You have said there is a growing trend of businesses using industry-specific cloud solutions to address compliance-related issues like HIPAA and HITECH. How has this become a trend, and why is it significant?

A: The cloud is...

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