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How health care organizations can improve their cybersecurity in 2021


Louis Columbus

Attacking health care cybersecurity with breaches and ransomware attempts is the big-game-hunting strategy of choice for cybercriminals in 2021. Bad actors, including ransomware gangs, admit health care providers are a soft target and the most willing to pay ransoms. Oh, and there’s another dark-business motivation: Personal health information (PHI) data is the most lucrative to sell on the dark web.

Ransomware overall is the most worrisome form of online crime at the moment. Where the average payout was about $15,000 two years ago, it’s now about $250,000 (although that figure is skewed by some large multiple-million-dollar payouts from companies such as Colonial and JBS), according to researcher IDC.

Cybercriminals also promote the easy financial gain of hacking into health care...

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