How The Cloud Will Revolutionize Your Healthcare Network

HIT Consultant

Eric Dusseux, M.D., MSc, MBA, CEO of BIONIK Laboratories

Advances in medical devices have greatly improved healthcare but many of these devices are not living up to their full potential. As things stand, too many of these devices only help to provide care. Instead, they must be integrated with cloud computing to upload valuable data to hospital networks, where practitioners and management teams can access it to gain context, make better decisions, further enhance patient care and improve return on investment (ROI).

Adding objective context

No matter how dull or sophisticated healthcare has been throughout history, one constant is that it has always both generated and been driven by information. Every patient that your facility or network treats is full of information – such as their medical history or how they react to treatment – that has the potential to help you improve your practice. Many providers fail to harvest this data and make it accessible at the right time to decision-makers and miss out on the benefits it can provide.

Capitalizing on this data requires...

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