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How Secure Are Healthcare IT Systems? New Research Provides a Glimpse

Infosecurity Magazine

Ed Bellis

In late October 2020, the FBI and US-CERT issued a joint statement detailing an imminent ransomware threat targeting hospitals and the US healthcare system.

The threat was first uncovered by security researchers from Hold Security, which found that over 400 hospitals were the likely targets of a Russia-based organized crime group with a strong track record of success.

So far, a string of attacks have been uncovered - but it's not entirely clear if these attacks are connected to the effort that prompted the warning. Either way hospital executives should be on edge. A coordinated cyber-attack could not come at a worse time, and individual attacks have shown just how disruptive they can be.

With that in mind, I think it’s worth highlighting some new statistics about cybersecurity in the healthcare industry that underscore just how dire the situation is - and how it is getting better.

The statistics come...

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