How Healthcare Organizations Can Combat Ransomware

Dark Reading

Mike Wilson

The recent United Health Services (UHS) cyberattack highlights that the healthcare industry is a prime target for cybercriminals. This breach was caused by ransomware thought to have been delivered by email from a phishing link. Recent research from Microsoft identified ransomware as a significant, growing threat that all industries must be mindful of.

Healthcare organizations rely on their digital systems with everything from electronic health records and diagnostic capabilities to networked medical devices interconnected. If a ransomware attack is successful, in addition to potential HIPAA violations, it could prevent a hospital from treating patients, which might eventually cost lives. Due to the potential implications, hospitals are increasingly a target of cybercriminals. While healthcare organizations have started to modernize their security infrastructure, many are still in the early stages of this transformation to deal with these sophisticated threats. This coupled with email's pervasiveness makes hospitals a prime target for a successful ransomware attack.

Healthcare security is...

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