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How Effective are Security Operations Centers?

Security Boulevard

Bob Violino

A lot of organizations rely heavily on their security operations centers (SOCs) to maintain a strong cyber security posture. But just how effective are these centralized units that are designed to deal with security issues on an organizational level?

Based on recent research, they are not as effective as companies might hope. A study by the Ponemon Institute, “The Economics of Security Operations Centers: What is the True Cost for Effective

Results?,” found that many organizations are dissatisfied with their SOCs, despite the significant investments they’re making.

The report, sponsored by Respond Software, is based on a survey of 637 IT and IT security practitioners at organizations that have a SOC and are knowledgeable about cyber security practices in their organizations.

For the research, Ponemon Institute defined a SOC as a team of expert individuals and the facility in which they work to prevent, detect, analyze, investigate and respond to cyber security incidents.

The SOC is critical to working and performing in today’s digitized economy, the report noted, as a greater share of business operations and sensitive data are brought online. A majority of the survey respondents (73%) view their SOCs as ...

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