How CISOs Can Keep Insider Threats at Bay

While cybersecurity professionals spending much of their time focusing on mitigating external cyber attacks, the problem with insider threats is often overlooked. But insider threats are growing at an accelerated pace, according to a new study by Proofpoint, which states that 31% of global CISOs see insider threats as the perceived biggest risk to their organization in the next one year.

"Just like outside threats, those that stem from the inside have the potential to cause significant damage,” the study said, highlighting that insider threats will continue to get bigger as organizations are set to evolve into a hybrid blend of home and office-based work for most employees. And therefore, it is more important then ever to address the risks that insider threat can pose.

Identifying insider threat The study classifies insider threats into three types – malicious, negligent, and compromised users – and that all insiders’ threats are not malicious. When we consider...

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