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How CISOs Can Become More Effective

CIO Insight

Drew Robb

A recent Gartner report was rather scathing about the effectiveness of chief information security officers (CISOs). Only 12%, according to the 2020 Gartner CISO Effectiveness survey, excel in all categories considered by the analyst firm in the study.

The bar was obviously set high. But that is a sign of the times. CISOs have to be on the ball in the face of unrelenting and exponentially growing cyberthreats. Further factors challenging the effectiveness of CISOs include greater oversight from regulators, executive teams and boards of directors, as well as Covid-19 pressures.

“Today’s CISOs must demonstrate a higher level of effectiveness than ever before,” said Gartner analyst Sam Olyaei. “As the push to digital deepens, CISOs are responsible for supporting a rapidly evolving set of information risk decisions."

129 heads of information risk functions around the globe were...

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