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Hospitals Save Costs and Gain Dynamic Service in the Cloud

HealthTech Magazine

Nathan Eddy

Increased adoption of cloud computing is a central tenet of the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare, offering organizations of all sizes the potential for cost savings, greater efficiency and logistical advantages in remote work and virtual care delivery.

Although the continued investment in cloud services suggests that organizations are capturing widespread benefits, optimizing these requires thoughtful planning and an understanding of how to use elastic cloud environments to drive efficiency. When making the case for a cloud migration, it’s important to think digital first, adapting standard practices to the cloud environment. Often, that means becoming a smaller, more agile operation.

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Cloud Resources Increase Healthcare Efficiencies
Pennsylvania-based Geisinger is in the planning stage of a four-year cloud migration, and a desire to increase efficiency is one of the main drivers behind the migration, says CIO John Kravitz.

“A lot of applications that we have running on-premises are inefficiently written, and that requires...

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