Hospital security teams de-escalate rather than use force

Sunbury Daily Times

Cindy O. Herman

When Scott Letterman, security supervisor at Evangelical Community Hospital, in Lewisburg, received an alert about a patient yelling and screaming and trying to leave the hospital, the officer did not dash down the hall TV-style, ready for a showdown. Instead, he noticed the patient’s Bass Master cap.

“I said to him, ‘You remember Bass Master?’” Letterman recalled. Soon he was asking the patient where he liked to fish and whether he had success with various lures. “I started walking back toward his room, and he followed along with me. I made a promise I would stop by and bring him some magazines. I visited him every day for a week ... It’s just a matter of finding common ground.”

Finding that common ground can lead to de-escalating a situation, which is what Letterman sees as his main responsibility.

“When I...

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