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Hospital ransomware attack leads to fatality after causing delay in care

Healthcare IT News

Mike Miliard

Prosecutors in Germany are eyeing negligent manslaughter charges as they seek the person or persons who launched a large-scale ransomware attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital – freezing up 30 of its clinic's servers. The data loss required patients to be moved to different facilities – including a critically-ill woman who died before she could be treated.

According to an ABC News report, the patient had to be relocated to another hospital in Wuppertal, more than half an hour away, after Düsseldorf's IT system was encrypted in the cyberattack. The hour-long delay in care proved fatal.

The attack that locked clinicians out of critical data on September 10 – necessitating that operations be postponed and emergency patients be relocated to other sites – appeared to...

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