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Hire and Train a Cyber Incident Response Team in Healthcare

Health Tech Magazine

Erika Gimbel

Of all the cybersecurity solutions created to prevent bad actors from breaching healthcare organizations, it’s the people on the incident response teams who are most vital.

Dark Reading and Immersive Labs offer a one-hour webinar that provides best practices for managing staffing and training for incident response teams. Security consultant Gal Shpantzer was a featured presenter, together with Max Vetter, chief cyber officer at Immersive Labs, and Tim Wilson, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Dark Reading.

“We need to optimize our defenses based on real-world attacks and threats, and prepare our teams in terms of communications, playbooks and documentation,” Shpantzer said.

As an example, Shpantzer pointed to the 2015 and 2016 cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee. In that incident, the FBI had detected...

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