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Healthcare workers report cybersecurity, burnout woes worsened by COVID-19

Healthcare DIVE

Shannon Muchmore

Dive Brief:

Nearly three quarters of healthcare professionals are concerned that patient health information is being sent through unsecured tools, with 15% “extremely concerned” about that possibility, according to a new survey from hospital communication firm Spok.
That was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as 35% of respondents said the crisis impacted potentially unsecured data transmission “considerably or a great deal.” Less than 20% said it had no impact.
The report also noted increases in burnout for healthcare workers at all levels. The vast majority of those surveyed said the pandemic had increased levels of burnout, especially among clinicians.
Dive Insight:

The report hits on key stresses in the U.S. healthcare system that were pain points before COVID-19...

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