Healthcare security woes: More than 45 million medical images openly accessible online

The Daily Swig

James Walker

Millions of medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans are available unsecured on the open web, an investigation by threat intelligence firm CybelAngel has revealed.

The research team says it found unprotected connected storage devices with ties to hospitals and medical centers worldwide that were leaking more than 45 million unique imaging files.

“It’s important to remember that no hacking tools were used,” David Sygula, senior cybersecurity analyst at CybelAngel, told The Daily Swig. “Millions of images were unencrypted and could be accessed without password protection.

“We were surprised to see the extent to which sensitive images were left unprotected, despite the regulations governing health data.”

Unprotected NAS
In most cases, the culprit was...

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