Healthcare security needs to mature in 5G

Illinois News

Daniel Kuhn

It is clear that 5G technology has matured rapidly and is widely adopted in all industries.according to GartnerThe 5G infrastructure market is projected to reach $ 4.2 billion over the past year, and two-thirds of enterprises are deploying this technology. Healthcare is the primary application for 5G, and providers are looking for technology to support a variety of applications to enhance insight, responsiveness, and patient outcomes.As one of the co-chairs of the working group of Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) Healthcare 5G Task Force, I had a unique opportunity to explore the potential of 5G in the industry.

As the health care environment becomes more and more connected, security and trust It is becoming increasingly important to ensure the integrity of patient data and the smooth and reliable operation of the application. Widely adopted and capable of providing strong authentication and encryption, public key infrastructure (PKI) plays an important role in protecting 5G devices and the patients and providers who use them. The potential of 5G in health care is...

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