Healthcare biometrics: Simplifying healthcare data security

Biometric Update

Swapna Supekar

The healthcare sector, which is undergoing reform to deliver faster, safer, and higher-quality services, is beset by a slew of issues. The data network is playing an increasingly important role in this phase, and its introduction has made a significant contribution. There is a frantic race underway to find a superlative means of protecting healthcare data and avoiding potentially catastrophic errors. Despite the financial costs, more healthcare organizations are moving to healthcare biometrics to improve patient safety, efficiency, and privacy.

Biometrics have been advanced as a response to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and many other regulations around the world require it to ensure patient safety. Biometrics allows patients and healthcare providers to be safe in knowing that their information is kept private and only shared by people who have the authority to see it. If breached, the relevant authorities will be alerted that someone without permission can access sensitive information, and necessary measures can be taken. Non-traditional biometric modalities like...

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