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Healthcare Security Success Requires Engagement and Mutual Understanding of Risk Tolerance

Healthcare IT Today

John Lynn

We all know that security attacks are at an all-time high. While there was some talk of hackers giving healthcare a break amidst COVID, it’s clear that hackers are calling fair game on healthcare institutions now whether they took a slight break or not. Is your healthcare organization ready for these attacks?

The unique security challenges healthcare organizations face was highlighted really well on a recent CIO and CISO roundtable with a wide variety of healthcare organizations we hosted with Dell Technologies and VMware. Whether it’s the need to share data in healthcare that’s opened us to new vulnerabilities, or the explosion of new endpoints being used by patients and staff, there’s an important learning curve healthcare’s going through to securely allow for these new modes of providing care.

Plus, it was aptly pointed out that healthcare clinicians largely got into healthcare because they want to help people. When a phishing email gets sent to a nurse or doctor, their natural instinct is to...

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