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Healthcare Remained the Most Breached Industry in Q1, Research Shows

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Filip Truta

Cybercriminals exposed more than 5 billion records in 2019, costing US organizations over $1.2 trillion, according to a new report. Healthcare was the most targeted industry last year and remains an active target in 2020, accounting for 51% of incidents in Q1 – likely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researchers are noticing a sharp increase in costs related to data breaches. While the 2.8 billion records exposed in 2018 cost organizations more than $654 billion, the over 5 billion records exposed in 2019 cost $1.2 billion. This lifts the total cost from data breaches to over $1.8 trillion in two years, according to digital identity firm ForgeRock.

Breaches have increased dramatically, both in actual numbers and costs, with healthcare emerging as the most targeted industry in 2019, accounting for 382 breaches and over $2.45 billion in costs. Medical records were...

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