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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Cost Nearly $21 Billion In 2020. Now What?

Health IT Today

Anne Zieger

As the dust settles on 2020, it’s become clear that this was an unbelievably bad year for healthcare ransomware attacks. In fact, it was a year that cost organizations $20.8 billion in ransomware expenses, according to a new estimate. Worse, there is no future relief in sight.

Research by Comparitech recently concluded that there were 92 ransomware attacks on individual healthcare organizations last year. This includes one large single attack on cloud provider Blackbaud. Roughly 100 US healthcare organizations have reported being affected by the Blackbaud attack alone, affecting more than 12.3 million patient records, the company found.

In total, ransomware affected over 600 separate hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations, according to Comparitech. These attacks affected...

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