Healthcare IT teams battle with technical challenges to ensure network resilience and security

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IDG surveyed IT leaders from hospitals, primary and urgent care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare entities. The goal was to shed light on how pandemic-driven changes, including increases in telemedicine and remote workers, have accelerated demands for network resiliency and cloud security, as well as the need for an integrated approach to solving these challenges.

“Healthcare IT teams have daunting technical challenges to ensure network bandwidth, resilience, and security in the face of surging online care, including telemedicine, remote workforces, and medical IoT,” explained Ray Watson, VP of innovation at Masergy.

“The IDG Healthcare IT survey reveals that an integrated network and security strategy is now an imperative to address these challenges.”

Key findings
95% of respondents report an increase in network traffic since March 2020, with 92% having to increase network bandwidth capacity to accommodate an influx of connected medical devices.

Top three security challenges for healthcare IT:...

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