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Healthcare Employee Cybersecurity Training is Lacking, Report Finds

Heal;th IT Security

Jill McKeon

Thorough and frequent employee cybersecurity training can ensure enterprise-wide security and prevent cyberattacks, while poor and infrequent training can leave an organization’s network extremely vulnerable to cybercriminals. For healthcare in particular, the latter seems to be the norm, indicating a major need for more healthcare employee cybersecurity training.

A new report conducted by Osterman Research on behalf of KnowBe4 found that employee cybersecurity training leaves significant room for improvement across multiple sectors, including healthcare. Researchers surveyed a random sampling of 1,000 US employees across a variety of industries on how much cybersecurity training they have received and how that knowledge impacts overall security and data privacy.

Less than half of respondents reported believing that it is likely that clicking on a suspicious email link or attachment could infect...

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