Healthcare Cyberattacks, Data Breaches Pressuring Nonprofit Orgs

Health IT Security

Lisa Gentes-Hunt

Heathcare facilities and hospitals are facing a rise in cyberattacks, creating increased revenue and expense pressures on not-for-profits (NFP), according to a new report.

Fitch Ratings released a report on July 22 entitled, “Relentless Cyber Attacks to Pressure NFP Hospitals’ Operations.”

“The healthcare sector has seen a historic increase in the number and severity of cyber assaults over the past 18 months,” the report states. “The sector is viewed as a target-rich environment due to the large amount of sensitive data that healthcare entities maintain for patient care and operations.”

With an uptick in cybercrimes during the COVID-19 pandemic, “cyber criminals took advantage of the crisis, causing immense disruption to the healthcare sector at a time when it was facing enormous patient care demands. Ransomware pay-outs...

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