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Healthcare’s Biggest Cybersecurity Blind Spots and Misconceptions

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

Threat actors are moving at a drastic pace and with stealthy tactics able to hide their activities from system administrators. The truth is that healthcare is struggling with some massive cybersecurity blindspots and misconceptions, making it extremely difficult to keep pace.

Data exfiltration and extortion was once seen as a rare worst-case scenario, but now it’s occurring in the majority of ransomware attacks. Meanwhile, reports show an increasing number of attacks targeting a range of newly disclosed vulnerabilities, along with legacy security gaps that administrators have overlooked and failed to patch.

A brief look at the four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange and the ease in which advanced persistent threat actors are actively exploiting the flaws highlight the ever-bleak threat landscape and the need for highly advanced cyber posture.

And as the supply-chain attacks against Accelion’s File Transfer Appliance (FTA) and SolarWinds Orion demonstrate, just one hack can...

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