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Health Care Ransomware Strains Have Hospitals in the Crosshairs

Security Intelligence

Koen Van Impe

The language of digital attacks shares a lot with the language of disease: ‘viruses’ ‘infect’ computers, and stopping their spread can be like trying to keep down a contagious disease. The two worlds also come together when threat actors attack using health care ransomware. When every minute could change the fate of a patient, preventing these attacks is especially important. Take a look at how to protect against health care ransomware attacks used against hospitals and other facilities.

What Kind of Health Care Ransomware Do Attackers Use?

Two strains stand out in recent health care ransomware attacks: Ryuk and REvil. Although they are distinct when it comes to details, they also have some common elements. Both are available as so-called ransomware as a service, or RaaS. RaaS is a business model for cyber criminals in which one group develops and maintains the program code. Then, they...

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