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Hacking medical devices: Five ways to inoculate yourself from attacks


Chandu Ketkar

It’s vital that healthcare companies follow medical device security best practices to defend against attacks on devices and the networks and systems they connect to—especially during a pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of medical devices used at home, so ensuring the security of those devices is essential. In addition, all baby boomers will reach retirement age by 2030. This rapid growth of an aging population underscores the importance of secure and reliable healthcare products and services, including medical devices. To meet this need, many medical devices connect to server-side systems, which has created a surge in demand for expertise in both medical device security and system security.

Security weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and data breaches can put patient safety at risk and expose healthcare companies to data disclosure and HIPAA regulatory risks. How can vital medical devices be kept safe, especially during...

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