Hackers Trying Sophisticated Cyberattacks Out of Boredom During Pandemic: CyberProof


Several Hackers across the globe are taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to accelerate their malicious activities and distribute malware. Cybersecurity firm CyberProof has warned that the number of cybersecurity scams has risen during the coronavirus period. The key causes for the emergence of these new threats is likely due to social distancing norms and malware authors being bored and stuck at home due to ongoing lockdown, according to CyberProof.

“Hackers have underground networks for communicating among themselves and sharing resources for a cyberattack. Actively tracking this activity, CyberProof witnessed these forum complaints about being stuck at home because of the coronavirus, leading to a greater amount of frustration and malicious activity,” the statement from CyberProof read.

Tony Velleca, Chief Executive Officer, CyberProof and CISO, UST Global said ...

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