HSCC Shares Guide to Protecting Healthcare Trade Secrets, Research


Jessica Davis

The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) today released guidance on ways healthcare entities can best protect its trade secrets, medical research, and other valuable innovation capital from cyber theft.

HSCC’s Joint Cybersecurity Working Group is a private-public partnership of healthcare companies and providers, which includes more than 260 medical device and health IT companies, direct patient care entities, and a host of others. The task force was appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

The insights were developed to implement a major recommendation of the group’s 2107 report, which outlined the need for identifying “mechanisms to protect R&D efforts and intellectual property from attacks or exposure.” The white paper comes just days after the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a warning to the healthcare sector that hackers tied to...

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