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HIMSS 2022: Ransomware attacks threaten healthcare systems

Chief Healthcare Executive

Ron Southwick

Many breaches aren’t discovered until months after the fact, and ‘double extortion’ is a growing threat, experts said at the HIMSS Conference.

Orlando, Florida – Srinivas Loke said he wasn’t trying to scare anyone.

Still, Loke offered some sobering assessments on the risks of ransomware at the HIMSS 2022 Global Health Conference & Exhibition Thursday morning.

Ransomware attacks are rising, said Loke, the senior director, product management at Ordr, a cybersecurity company based in California. Data breaches in healthcare affect 26.4 million records in the United States alone.

Roughly 4 in 10 healthcare organizations (39%) become aware of breaches months after the fact, and the average discovery takes about six months, he said.

Aside from the considerable financial costs, Loke...

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