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H-ISAC Shares Identity Management Framework for Healthcare CISOs

Jessica Davis

The Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center recently released an identity management framework for the healthcare sector, designed to help chief information security officers better manage identity and access controls and bolster enterprise cybersecurity.

H-ISAC previously released its initial white paper in October 2019, detailing the need for an identity-centric cybersecurity approach in healthcare. The most recent framework aims to enable CISOs to put the approach into action.

The latest insights provide CISOs with methods to architect, build, and implement an identity system able to defend against modern cyberattacks and support key business drivers. H-ISAC designed the guide to be agnostic to organization size, structure, and other particulars.

As a result, it’s not meant to prescribe specific solutions or tools for each organization. The CISO will need to...

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