Geisinger lowers click rate on phishing emails by more than 50%

Healthcare IT News

Bill Siwicki

As an art of cyber subterfuge, phishing keeps getting more crafty. Bad actors continue to create malicious emails that are convincing innocent workers at healthcare and other organizations the messages are authentic. And many workers click on them, starting a stream of problems.

This is why it's up to CISOs and other cybersecurity professionals to train workers how to identify phishing emails and not click on them or download their malware-infested attachments.

Danville, Pennsylvania-based Geisinger has had great success with its anti-phishing training, lowering the click rate on malicious emails by 50%.

Healthcare IT News interviewed David Stellfox, cybersecurity communications specialist in the information security office at Geisinger, to get the lowdown on how exactly Geisinger achieved its success against phishing.

Q: Before you started your efforts to get staff to better respond to phishing emails, what was the situation like? What was happening with actual phishing emails and test phishing emails? What was your cybersecurity posture like in this area?

A: In 2018 and 2019, we were faced with stubbornly high click rates on test emails in our monthly friendly phishing campaigns, and...

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