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Fueled by Profits, Ransomware Persists in New Year

Gov Info Security

Akshaya Asokan, Mathew J. Schwartz

Different types of criminality may come and go, but when it comes to cybercrime, ransomware dominated in 2020 and looks set to continue well into the new year.

Of course, ransomware attacks these days encapsulate a whole range of behaviors, including crypto-locking systems and extorting victims to buy a decryption key, but also naming and shaming victims and stealing and leaking data, among other tactics, techniques and procedures.

"Ransomware threat actors continue to innovate both their technology and their criminal modus operandi at an accelerating pace," security firm Sophos says in a recent report.

Data leaking in particular has helped fuel a boom in ransom payments. In late 2019, experts said that...

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