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From the front line to the back office — 4 insights on building robust health IT security

Becker's Health IT

Increasingly, healthcare organizations are the targets of cybersecurity attacks. While securing and controlling the complex health IT environment is difficult, taking a holistic approach that addresses vulnerabilities from the front line to the back office can help.

During a May 27 webinar hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review and sponsored by Imprivata, three Imprivata experts discussed health IT security best practices:

Al Colon, Director of information security
Troy Kuehl, Vice President of engineering
Jesse Myers, Vice President of IT and security
Four key insights:

Healthcare organizations face significant security and compliance-related hurdles. Cybercriminals recognize the value of healthcare data. Protected health information and personally identifiable information can be used to blackmail people, write fraudulent prescriptions and more. While healthcare cyberattacks are...

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