From ransomware to RansomOps: What you need to know about the newest threat

Healthcare IT News

Bill Siwicki

You might not be aware, but ransomware no longer is operating as it always has. Sometimes it's not the usual automated sweeps of malware that can be more easily recognized and stopped.

Instead, there now are targeted, human-driven operations where cyber criminals function in a similar way to legitimate software-as-a-service companies. These groups are sophisticated, methodical and unpredictable. This kind of attack is called RansomOps.

To help healthcare CISOs, CIOs and other security leaders get a handle on these new types of attacks, Healthcare IT News interviewed RansomOps expert Chris Fisher, director of security engineering at cybersecurity firm Vectra APJ.

Fisher describes what RansomOps is, the damage it can do, steps that can protect against it, and...

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