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Fraudsters Use Free Google Services in Phishing Campaigns

Healthcare Info Security

Prajeet Nair

Fraudsters are increasingly using free Google services to create more realistic phishing emails and malicious domains that circumvent security filters, the security firm Armorblox reports.

Using the Google services enables the fraudsters "to get their emails past security filters that block known bad links and domains," says Arjun Sambamoorthy, co-founder and head of engineering at Armorblox. "These attacks are more effective than standard phishing campaigns because Google's reputed URLs and domains allow these emails to get past security filters that block known bad links. Google's services are easy to use for everyone, which also means they lower the bar for attackers to launch phishing campaigns and host fake sites on Google."

Although phishing attacks that leverage Google services have been going on for a while, "we have noticed...

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