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Five Critical Skills a CISO Must Have in the Digital Age

CXO Today

Gaurav Chattur

With the third wave of the pandemic upon us and remote work models becoming the common norm, cybersecurity threats are at an all time high. It is reported that cyber-crimes in India have shot up by 500% and India is one of the top 3 attacked countries in the world as far as cyber-attacks are concerned. The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has evolved, and at the current stage it involves perceiving and addressing cybersecurity threats as business risks. So here are 5 critical skills a CISO should have today in order to thrive in the years ahead.

1. Vulnerability Assessment Skills Innovating and leading security assessment activities has become crucial for all organisations in the current business environment. With effective assessment programs, an organization can understand its security weaknesses, assess the risks associated and put measures in place to reduce the chances of a breach. As the leader of the organisations’ digital realm, the CISO will need to spearhead all of the above. Knowledge of assessments like Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) will be critical.

2. Distributed Services Management With the pandemic, both the...

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