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FireEye Hack: Sizing Up the Impact

Healthcare Info Security

Doug Olenick

FireEye's disclosure this week of the theft of its penetration testing tools - and its proactive response - has drawn praise but raised many questions, as well (see: FireEye Says Nation-State Attackers Stole Pen Test Tools).

Among the questions: How much damage can hackers actually cause by using the stolen tools? And who likely perpetrated the attack against a cybersecurity industry heavyweight?

FireEye reported Tuesday that it was the target of a combination of hacking techniques tailored to penetrate its defenses, resulting in the theft of its "Red Team" tools. These include scripts, tools, scanners and techniques that are used to test clients' infrastructure for security vulnerabilities or configuration lapses that could lead to a data breach.

In a Tuesday statement, CEO Kevin Mandia said: "We are not sure if the attacker intends to...

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