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FBI and CISA Issue Joint Alert About Threat of Malicious Cyber Activity Through Tor

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A joint alert was recently issued by the FBI and the DHS’ Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) regarding cybercriminals’ use of The Onion Router (Tor) in cyberattacks.

Tor is free, open source software that was developed by the U.S. Navy in the mid-1990s. Today, Tor is used to browse the internet anonymously. When using Tor, internet traffic is encrypted multiple times and a user is passed through a series of nodes in a random path to a destination server. When a user is connected to the Tor network, their online activity cannot easily be traced back to their IP address. When a Tor user accesses a website, rather than their own IP address being recorded, the IP address of the exit node is recorded.

Unsurprisingly, given the level of anonymity provided by Tor, it has been adopted by...

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