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External Threat Actors Outpace Insiders in Healthcare Data Breaches

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

For the second consecutive year, external threat actors caused the majority of healthcare data breaches in 2020, compared to just 39 percent caused by insiders, either inadvertently or intentionally, according to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

In total, data show 61 percent of global security incidents in 2020 were caused by outside actors, such as hacking and other nefarious activities.

“When you read the contents of the report, it is tempting to think that a vast array of threats demands a sweeping and revolutionary solution,” Alex Pinto, the report’s lead author said in a statement. “However, the reality is far more straightforward.”

“The truth is that, whilst organizations should prepare to deal with exceptional circumstances, the foundation of their...

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