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Escalating Cyberattacks on Healthcare Organizations Highlight Need for Security Interventions

HIT Consultant

Michelle Drolet, CEO of Towerwall

Healthcare organizations have faced continual stress from heavy COVID-19 caseloads in 2020. Cyberattacks on their information networks also loomed as a serious threat, and the pressure to protect data is expected to grow this year, as more criminals target healthcare providers.

Protecting patient data from unauthorized access has long been a regulatory prerequisite for healthcare organizations. But increasingly, cybercriminals see profit potential in attacking and crippling their networks, and restoring operations carry a high cost, both in the expense of repairing IT capabilities, as well as lost revenue, productivity hits, and erosion of community trust.

The rising pressure to protect data systems is prompting healthcare IT security executives to take a hard look at security procedures, and ways to identify and secure potential network weaknesses.

Attacks on the Rise...

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