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Email is Still the Top Vector for Data Loss, Finds Study

CXO Today

Email still happens to be one of the most common vectors by which enterprises are attacked. A new research finds that IT and security heads have experienced tremendous data loss in the past one year and that they their client and company data is at risk on email. The 2021 Data Loss Prevention Report by Egress reveals that 95% of CIO/CISOs believe sensitive client and corporate data is at risk of loss and unauthorized disclosure on email.

They see e-mail-borne threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and problematic for businesses, especially with the rise of remote working trends and organizations’ reliance on legacy email technology.

The report suggests, an overwhelming 83% of organizations have suffered data breaches via this channel in the last 12 months. Human error was at the root of nearly one-quarter of incidents, with 24% caused by an employee sharing data in error – for example, sending an email containing sensitive data to the wrong recipient or attaching the wrong file.

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