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Electronic Health Records: Spotlighting Risks

Healthcare Info Security

Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Electronic health records potentially can be exposed in many ways. For example, in one recent incident, information on thousands of patients was apparently left exposed in an unsecured cloud server. And in another, critical security vulnerabilities in an open-source EHR system put patients' data at risk.

Here's a look at each incident and experts' insights on lessons to learn.

Exposed EHR Data
News site TechCrunch reported on Monday that it found "thousands" of patient records exposed on the internet by nTreatment, a company that manages electronic records for doctors, including psychiatrists.

The records were in a cloud storage server hosted on Microsoft Azure containing 109,000 files, including lab test results, doctors' notes, insurance claims and other sensitive health data for patients that were not encrypted and not protected with a password, TechCrunch reports.

The nTreatment data was secured on...

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